I’m Ian Clester, a PhD student in Music Technology at Georgia Tech. I am advised by Jason Freeman, and my research focuses on computational music — music which is written down as a program rather than a fixed score — and its implications. This idea is related to process music, aleatoric music, and generative music. Other interests include HCI and programming languages.

Previously, I was a Master’s student in EECS at MIT, an undergrad in EECS and Music, and an intern at various places, including Harmonix, Google, and Astranis. Before all of that, I was an enthusiast of a whole bunch of things, including (but not limited to) computer science, electronics, and music. Fortunately, I still am!

Here you can find information about my research and personal projects, plus contact info, and even a few blog posts. This site also hosts some of my software, such as kilobeat and Alternator.