Obligatory update post.

Weirdly, the time between this post and the last feels roughly like the same amount of time between the last post and the one before that (which is to say, the first post). And yet the first update took a mere month and a half, while it was nearly another 3 months (a quarter of a year! yikes) before I finally got around to writing this.

This is further evidence of the temporal acceleration that occurs throughout the course of each semester. What’s more, this temporal acceleration itself accelerates over the course of the semester, which has the practical effect of causing me to perceive the semester like this:

And then something happens around mid-October. Probably some derivative of temporal position is constant (maybe the jerk, maybe the jounce), but acceleration is not, and right around mid-late October, things suddenly get a lot faster, resulting in:

Seriously, my recollection of the entire month of November is hazy at best. Like, I continued existing, and my work got done, but I must’ve been on some kind of scholarly autopilot. Well, no, that’s not quite right. Anyway, it’s a weird effect, and it’s also my shoddy excuse for taking so long to update this blog. Speaking of which, my writing this post was (as with the first post) prompted by waiting at an airport. Maybe I should do it more often; it seems fruitful.

So now it’s 2 0 1 8. Wowowow.

What have I been up to over my luxurious winter break? I’m glad you asked!

There were some weird tense changes there, but I’m not going to bother fixing them because I want to finish this post before I eat.

I have various things planned for this site. One is updating ‘Projects’, and another is perhaps making a ‘Consumption’ page along the lines of a reading list, but more broad (e.g. including movies, games, etc.). I just got around to making a change I’ve been meaning to for a while: enabling comments via Disqus. So now I can get flamed by random Internet people on my site; hooray! The comment section is that-a-way ↴

I’ve also been kicking around the idea of a more essay-like post, tentatively named ‘On Maximizing’. We’ll see.

Yours in the current year,