The Best Laid Plans

or, quick notes in a crisis.

It’s a weird time in a lot of ways. I don’t know. Maybe all times are weird with the right attitude.

To keep it short: I’m fine, Emma is fine, and we’re cozy in our apartment. That apartment has become slightly cozier due to our new house guest, who takes the form of a bunch of lab equipment set up in the bedroom.

There are several things that I have been thinking about lately, running over again and again internally. I keep encountering them. I intend to write about them. I was going to write about one of them today, but I have decided to take additional time to figure out how I should write about it. To satisfy beeminder (and myself), I must post something, so this is a stopgap. I may as well use this spot to advertise a video I recently created to go with a one-minute, Xenakis-inspired piece I created for a class.1

I’d like to briefly sketch out some kind of roadmap for my next few posts, in which I hope to finally address some of the things that I’ve been thinking about. I’ll do this by distilling a few of those things as brief, related statements:

Take care everywhere,


  1. I hope to practice what I’m preaching by writing more about this soon; perhaps someone will find my code for audio and video generation useful. (Both the audio and video were rendered in Python.)